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A Burst of Colour

Mural inspired by and created for Rockafella Industries

Annabella and Johnny Rockafella are the proud owners of Rockafella Industries a uniquely curated boutique shop in Ipswich. They’ve also been trading for a number of years at markets around London. Now their online shop is up and running. When I first heard about the Rockafellas I knew I’d have to visit them and their shop at 8 Eagle Street in Ipswich. It happens to be one of the coolest places in town. It reminds me of the vibrancy of Latin America, something I miss from time to time. I admire their conscious, fun and relaxed approach to commerce and life. The shop is an emporium of colour, syncretism, music and objects I’d happily fill my house with.

In the summer of 2019. I asked them if they were interested in putting some of my artwork up for sale and perhaps to have a mural painted for them. They liked the cut of my jib and I liked theirs. So it was a sealed deal. I did a hand-painted sign for their Fanzine Library, an initiative of Ben Driver from Guy Cry Club, so that they could see that I meant business.

Photo borrowed from the Rockafella Industries archive

Time flew, the 2019 winter blues arrived sooner and lasted longer than I expected. Then Covid showed its face and we all had to shelter. More than a year had passed since I could actually start painting the mural. Finally here I am, taking over the windows and walls of Rockafella Industries. Some of my artwork will be on display and available to purchase.

Canvas (extended) version on the mural (work in progress).

Thanks Annie and Jon for being so cool and supportive!

Painting outside as people pass by is a great experience. It must be the show-off in me! The reaction of the people is great. They tend to encourage you and most love seeing some extra colour around. We need more art in public spaces around town. It shouldn't be reserved for interior spaces.

Rockafella Industries


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