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I’m a Colombian illustrator and visual artist based in Suffolk, England.

I work in digital and mixed media. I enjoy drawing objects, plants, landscapes, animals and anthropomorphic figures. I spend a lot of time working on my sketchbooks, drawing things that I've never tried before and making notes about the world around me.

My inspiration is drawn from the places where I’ve lived, the books I’ve read, people watching and everything around me.  I feel particularly attracted to surreal scenarios and situations. I love telling stories and incorporating metaphors into my work.

My approach is versatile. Every project is special and has its own character. I enjoy every side of creative projects, from the brief to the final piece.


I graduated in Fine Arts in Colombia. I then moved to México City where I gained a Diploma in Illustration. My tropical heart has settled down in beautiful Britain.

I’m open to commissions and group projects. I enjoy the interchange of ideas that they bring.


         +44 7532 728887           

''WAMfest Felixstowe was privileged to commission Catalina to create a beautiful mural to celebrate the contribution of women in many areas in culture and community. Each panel was designed with great care and consideration for the wishes and individual character of the sponsor.''

Laura Locke -  Event Manager, Felixstowe Festival Events

''Working with Catalina on mural and creative production is a great pleasure. She is a talented artist with an agility and professionalism. She is adaptable and hard-working. She designs and paints beautiful murals.''

Iona Hodgson - Co-Director, Art Eat Events

Digital illustration series picture book illustrator insomnia narcolepsy catalina carvajal colombian visual artist illustrator ipswich suffolk uk

Dreams From the Nest

eries of digital illustrations featured in the 'IX Catálogo Iberoamericano de Ilustración'.

silent picture book illustration series digital artwork catalina carvajal colombian illustrator visual artist ipswich suffolk uk


Series of digital illustrations based on Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities. Uncommissioned

Selected Publications

A Cake for You, Picture Book, Two Worlds. London, 2021

IX Ibero-American Catalogue of Illustration, selected, Spain and Latin America, 2018

Este Año , Picture Book, Edmundo Juárez y Catalina Carvajal, Gobierno del Estado de Tabasco, Mexico, 2017.

Paraguas de Navegación , Picture Book, Brenda J. Caro Cocotle and Catalina Carvajal, Instituto Veracruzano de

Cultura, Mexico, 2016.

Tlacuache, historia de una cola, . Picture Book, Efrén Ordóñez y Catalina Carvajal, Fundación Armella Spitalier, Mexico, 2015

La Caracola de Damiana , Picture Book, Martha Ordaz y Catalina Carvajal, Pearson, 2015

XXV Catalogue of Illustrators for Children and Youth DGP-Conaculta, selected, Mexico, 2015 

XX Catalogue of Illustrators for Children and Youth DGP-Conaculta, selected, Mexico, 2010


II Ibero-American Catalogue of Illustration, selected, Spain and Latin America, 2011 

Some of My Clients

Suffolk Libraries, New Wolsey Theatre, Eastern Angles Arts Centre, Wamfest Felixstowe, Springfield Junior School, Beach Street Felixstowe, Art Eat Events, Oxford University Press Mexico, Pearson Education Mexico, Porrua Editorial, Armella Spitalier Foundation, Government of Veracruz Mexico, Government of Tabasco Mexico.

Selected Exhibitions

- A Common Ground - Ronin Body Arts - December 2021
- A Common Ground - 142 Gallery, Felixstowe, November - December 2021

- Public Mural - Wamfest Felixstowe, February 2020, still in situ.

- Women in Arts and Music - 142 Gallery, Felixstowe September 2021.

- Wall Art, Stowmarket Library Garden, October 2021, still in situ.
- The Gallery Box, Felixstowe, May 2021.
- Fox Yard Studio, Stowmarket October - November 2021.

- Public Mural and window display - Rockafella Industries. Ipswich, Suffolk. August, still in situ.

- Public Mural - Art Eat Festival. Ipswich, UK. September, still in situ.

- Invenções Gráficas na Ilustração Ibero-Americana, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Sao Paulo, Brazil, July.

- Heimat Project, Casatinta, Bogotá, Colombia, May.

- Heimat Project, Fabrik Der Künste, Hamburg, Germany, October.


Iberoamerica Ilustra, International Book Fair, Guadalajara Mexico, November to December.


XXV Catalogue of Illustrators for Children and Youth DGP-Conaculta, International Children and Youth Book Fair, Mexico City.



- Los Días Perfectos, calendar presentation and exhibition by Los Sobrevivientes collective, Centro Cultural de España en México, January.

- Los Sobrevivientes. 11 Illustrators Exhibition: Centro Cultural Universitario Casa de las Diligencias, Toluca, México Carlos Fuentes Library, Xalapa, Mexico, November.

- XXIII Catalogue of Illustrators for Children and Youth DGP-Conaculta, International Children and Youth Book Fair, Mexico City.



II Iberoamerican Catalogue of Illustration:

- Public display in big format at Chapultepec Avenue, Mexico City, March to April.

- International Book Fair, Bogotá Colombia, April to May.

- Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid, Spain, July.

- Centro Cultural de España en Chile, Festival Festilus, Santiago de Chile, August to September.

- Casa America, Madrid, Spain, December to January 2013.


II Ibero-American Catalogue of Illustration, International Book Fair, Guadalajara México.

Profile and gallery photos by Mikaela Rackham

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