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Life in Ipswich and Suffolk

The amount of things one could say about life in Ipswich and Suffolk are endless. As a newcomer and having lived in Mexico City and Bogota, my main complaint was that I couldn't find enough things to do. I must confess that moving to the UK was a shock in many aspects; a story for another time. I've been living in Ipswich for almost 3 years now and I've learnt to love where I live. I've met some lovely people and have found many things to do that I really appreciate. Living close to London one will always have that beautiful monster as a reference. With time I've learnt to appreciate the quietness of the streets in town and villages, though. A quieter life has provided the space and time that I needed to fall in love with the architecture, landscapes and wildlife one can find around here. Watching cats crossing from house to house all the time is a new experience to me; not very pleasant when one bumps upon the smelly proof of their visit though. Comfortable buses that run on time are taken for granted by some and dismissed by others. Ipswich parks are gorgeous and brilliantly mantained. They are public giants to cherish. This is my homage to Ipswich and Suffolk. Many features and landmarks might be missing but there's a limit to what one can do. I feel happy with the result and I hope you can relate to it one way or another.

The mural panel was created for the ART EAT Festival in September 2019. It was a fantastic experience. Thanks to the organisers and artists who opened the space and guided the path for this to happen. Zoe Power's advice was invaluable. The neighbours were great. They always offered some extra hands and warm tea to keep the spirits up. Passers-by were of huge support and only had nice comments.

Stay tuned for future news about ART EAT, "a visual art & street food festival celebrating creativity and community".

Digital Sketch


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