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To Our Posties

We looked out of the window to see our ever dependable postie coming down the garden path with our letters. It inspired me to create this piece by way of thanks. Our postal workers are keeping us in contact with the outside world while we stay in isolation during these extraordinary times. They are our heroes.

You can download this image to print it and display it in a safe place where posties can see it and it won't blow away. There's also a colouring version! If you have some extra time, it'd be great if you could share this on social media. It's okay if you prefer not to. The main purpose is to support key workers.

This is my suggestion: once you’ve printed and placed the image in your designated space, take a photo. Share it on your preferred social channel and tag me. I'm @catalinacarvajalr on Instagram and my website is

I’d appreciate any feedback you might have. If you’d like me to create another design for a different key worker, please let me know. I'm planning more stuff to stay connected and for you to be involved. It'll also be a great way to keep developing my career during isolation. Please subscribe to my mailing list if you want to be first to get the news. Stay safe


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